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According to the integrated approach to Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Trier the study of Business Management includes in addition to the original business course contents in the subjects of Sociology and Economics, and – as an elective course – contents from other disciplines. The excellent job prospects of our graduates show that our study program meets with the needs of the practice of a modern profession of Business Administration. The Business Administration Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Science) was introduced in the winter semester 2007/08.

Business Administration is divided into the following areas:

Campus I


Universität Trier
Fachbereich IV

Gebäude C, E, DM
Universitätsring 15
54296 Trier

Campus II


Gebäude H
54296 Trier

Wissenschaftspark Petrisberg

Gebäude 002
Am Wissenschaftspark 29
54296 Trier