FORCE is intended to be an all-in-one solution for the mass-processing of selected medium-resolution satellite image archives to enable large area + time series applications. Currently supported are Landsat 4/5 TM, Landsat 7 ETM+, Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel-2 A/B MSI. The software is capable of processing Level 1 products as obtained from the space agencies to Level 2–4 products.

FORCE may be used and downloaded for free; please fill out the form below to obtain a download link.


The main features are

  • Integration of Landsat 4–8, and Sentinel-2 A/B as Virtual Constellation.
  • Data management of Landsat and Sentinel-2 Level 1 data + Download of Sentinel-2 data.
  • Near-realtime (NRT) processing capability.
  • Generation of Analysis Ready Data (ARD). Advanced cloud and cloud shadow detection. Quality screening. Integrated atmospheric and topographic correction: one algorithm for all sensors. Adjacency effect correction. BRDF reduction. Resolution merge of Sentinel-2 bands: 20m à 10m. Data cubing: reprojection / gridding.
  • Generation of highly Analysis Ready Data (hARD). Large area. Gap free. Best Available Pixel (BAP) composites. Phenology Adaptive Composites (PAC). Spectral Temporal Metrics (STM). Ideal input for your Machine Learners!
  • Generation of highly Analysis Ready Data plus (hARD+). Time Series generation: spectral bands, spectral indices, Spectral Mixture Analysis (SMA). Time series folding. Time series interpolation. Time series statistics. Trend analysis. Change, Aftereffect, Trend (CAT) analysis. Land Surface Phenology (LSP).
  • Detailed data mining of the Clear Sky Observation (CSO) availability.
  • Data Fusion. Improving spatial resolution of coarse continuous fields: MODIS LSP à medium resolution LSP. Improving spatial resolution of lower resolution ARD using higher resolution ARD: 30m Landsat à 10m using Sentinel-2 targets

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