Database Postcolonial and Gender Studies - An Open Archive of Cultural Differences

The database offers a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation within the ranges of Postcolonial and Gender Studies. Images and objects, source texts and research literature are archived. They are part of the cultural memory and give information about national, ethnical and gender construction of identity. Also social practices and performative cultural processes are included. The analysis of the interfaces of cultural- and gender-specific constructions are of special interest as their complexity in the age of the globalization becomes more and more important. The database does not claim completeness. In contrast, fields of work are brought up in order to analyze and relate the prevailing canon. The aim is not only to uncover dominant stereotypes, but also to negotiate and develop cultural contra-discourses. The presented materials and debates from these ranges can be understood as work in progress and they are open to discussion and suggestions. The initiative intends to improve the scientific exchange within the research fields by an interdisciplinary and international cross-linking.

In order to get overviews for broader topics, it is recommended to use the following key words:

-          diversity

-          orientalism

-          exotism

-          primitivism

-          gender

-          race   

-          colonialism  

-          slavery

Following DFG research establishments contributed to the development of the database:

- Project “The Subject and the Others" (1997-2000)

- Postgraduate school “Identity and Difference. Gender Constructions and Interculturality   (18th -  21st Century)" (2000-2006)

- Postgraduate School “Slavery - Serfdom - Forced Labor. Unfree Conditions of Working and  Living from Antiquity to the 20th Century” (since 2003)

The database is administrated by Prof. Dr. Viktoria Schmidt-Linsenhoff, Dr. des Melanie Ulz and Sarah Hilterscheid (MA) (contact: cepoguni-trierde).