Course Dates 2022

Deadline for applications: July 15th (or if all places are allocated)

Arrival day: Monday, August 1 (dormitory rooms are NOT available before this date!)

Check-in dormitory: 9:00 to 16:00 h

Placement test: Tuesday, August 2, 9:00 h

Departure day: Friday, August 26  (dormitory rooms are NOT available AFTER this date!)

Check-out dormitory: 09:00-14:00 h

Attention! Departure day: Flights from Frankfurt not before 14:00h!
Please notice that we have to check out a lot of course particapants at the morning of the departure day. So it can happen that you have to wait a while before we can check your room and give the deposit back. Travelling to Frankfurt Airport lasts at least 3 hours and you have to be at the airport probably 2 hours earlier. So please take a flight not before 15.00 in the afternoon.

Tip: If possible, take a flight the day after the departure day and stay the rest of your time in the city of Frankfurt (e.g. Sightseeing at the Römer, the Paulskirche, the Kaiserdom, the Zoo...)

Fees 2022

Course Fee: circa 650-680 € (will be updated)

The fee includes:
- ca. 75 hours of classes (à 45 min.)
- ca. 12 hours conversation OR seminars
- copies for the language classe (you do NOT need to buy a book!)
- final exam and certicate (CEFR)
- ca. 6 hours academic lectures
- Reception in the Town hall
- a guided tour through the roman city of Trier
- 3 full-day excursions on Saturdays
- visit of a classical concert in the Roman Imperial Throne Room (Basilika)

Possible additional costs/ NOT included in the fee:

For accomodation:

  • If you chose to stay in a dormitory room: ca. 350-370 € for the rent (all bed linen included, but no towels) and 50 € for the deposit  (rent and deposit will be paid after arrival). Meals or board are NOT included. The amount of dormitory rooms is limited.
  • If you chose to stay in a private accomodation, the prices depend on your landlord/hotel/hostel (costs have to be paid privately).

For leisure activities: In addition to the programme above, we offer numerous leisure activities (e.g. Pub Crawl, Barbecue, Beach volleyball, Karaoke, Board Gaming, International Dinner, Hiking, etc.). In most of the activities there are no additional costs, but in a few they could be possible (e.g. for Pub drinks, food or entrances).

For food: Please calculate 7-14 € per day for your food. There is a cheap supermarket (Lidl) nearby, where you can buy quite cheap food.

For mobility: We sell tickets of the  VRT Verkehrsverbundes in our course office (around 30 € for the time of the whole summer school).



DAAD-Scholarship holders: Course fees and accommodation expenses are deducted directly from your scholarship so that you are paid only the remaining amount (+ deposit 50 €)

Other scholarships: Besides of the DAAD scholarships unfortunately there are no other scholarships.