To Do upon arrival

Once you arrive in Trier, you should take care of the following within a couple of days:

Visiting Scholars at Trier University

Contact person at the university

Contact your hosting professor: he/she is you first and most important contact person at Trier University. 

Then please contact the International Office - via Email if possible. They will provide you with the forms to apply for an employee identity card which offers several options at Trier University (e.g. using the library, reduced prices at the dining facility and cafeterias).

Life in Trier 

Resident’s Registration Office
Within two weeks of moving into your accommodation, you must register with the responsible Resident’s Registration Office.

Residence Permit
Depending on your nationality and if you stay in Germany longer than three months, you need a residence permit.

Bank account
To facilitate payment transactions, you should open a checking account at a bank in Trier.

Public Transportation
Trier and its surrounding areas are accessible by bus and train. 

Doctors and Hospitals
Should you require medical aid, please find the important emergency numbers here.

Events in Trier
Current information on cultural events in Trier.

Theater in Trier