The International Office at Trier University will try to help you with your search for accommodation.

Depending on the length of your visiting stay at Trier University we recommend that you either rent a hotel room, a holiday apartment or an apartment on the private real estate market.


Staying in a hotel is suitable for shorter visiting stays. To book a hotel, click here.
Trier University has cooperations with several hotels. A list of these hotels is available at the International Office: aaauni-trierde

Holiday Apartment

Renting a holiday apartment is suitable for a stay of several weeks. Holiday apartments are furnished and usually fully equipped. A list of holiday apartments in the city of Trier is available here...

Rooms and Apartments on the private real estate market

For a longer stay, you should refer to the offers on the private real estate market.

Tip: Due to the tense situation in the housing market in Trier, especially before the beginning of the semester it is not easy to find accommodation. The earlier you start looking the better is your chance to find the right place.

Furthermore, you should be aware of two specifics concerning the German housing market: On one hand, most rooms/apartments in the private housing market are unfurnished (contrary to the student dormitories of Trier University and several privately operated student dormitories). On the other hand, rent in the private housing market does not include utility costs such as water, electricity or gas.

If you decide to search in the private housing market, the following list of abbreviations will help you to make your choice:

Internet portal:

The internet portal is frequently used by students to find accommodation. Under “Kleinanzeigen” (small ads) there is a list of rooms and apartments offered by private providers.

Online Portal of the Local Daily Newspaper "Trierischer Volksfreund"

In the local daily newspaper you can also find rooms and apartments by private providers under „Kleinanzeigen“.

Germany-wide Real Estate Databases

There are several Internet search engines in Germany that allow you to search for apartments in Trier.

Locally you can consult the so-called “Black Boards” where rental offers are displayed.

Black Boards at the University

There are information boards in central areas at the university where students place ads for rooms and apartments (e.g. when they search for roommates respectively interim or new tenants).