Thorsten See

B.Ed.; 2009-2014 Studies of history and English studies. 2014 B.Ed. paper in English studies accepted, topic: "Viewer Response to Personal Deixis and Other Forms of Address in Youtube Videos". 2016 completion of the "Ancient Cultures and their Survival" certificate with a focus on Ancient History, Celtic Studies and Indo-European Studies.

Currently: Studies in the M.A. programme history (core subject) and M.Ed. programme history and English studies. Political sciences as extension subject to the B.Ed. / M.Ed. programme.

Participation in history and language courses in Celtic studies since 2012 (2012/13 Breton, 2013/14 Welsh). Member of the Forum Celtic Studies since 2012. 2013 member of the organisational committee of the First European Symposium in Celtic Studies. 2016/17 studies abroad at Dublin City University.

Fields of interest: history and archaeology of the Treveri and Transalpine Gaul in general, Celtic languages, Mediaeval and Modern "Celtic" mythology and literature.

Contact: s2thseeeuni-trierde