Before studying

Your choice of programme should be selected based on careful consideration. Being well informed and advised, makes the decision is easier. Find out more information on these pages. You will also find the appropriate contact person if you have more detailed questions.


Which programmes are offered at Trier University? What are the course contents and what are the requirements? Which professional fields are possible following the completion of my degree?

Studying with disabilities/chronic illness?

A disability or illness should not be a reason to be prevented from studying. Trier University offers information and counselling services for students in this regard.

Studying with a child?

Studying with a child requires discipline and good organisation, but it is certainly possible. Here you will find tips and information about studying at Trier University and the support we can offer you.

Studying without an Abitur?

It may be possible to study at Trier University even if you do not have the General University Entrance Qualification (Abitur). Find out more about other ways that you might be eligible to study at Trier University.

International student?

New to Trier University? Welcome! Bienvenue!

Student Life

Studying is not only about attending lectures and taking examinations.

Here you will find information on selected topics concerning student life in Trier.