Career Guidance

A successful transition from your university studies to professional life is much easier with good preparation. Internships, volunteer work and community service during your studies provide students an opportunity to gain insight into the professional reality and to form or adjust their own ideas about their future career. Undertaking a final thesis project in agreement with a company/business can open opportunities in the relevant labour market. Working while studying not only provides a financial cushion, but also enables students to gain practical experience and develop their own individual strengths and potential.

For companies in the region, both nationally and internationally, Career Service offers the opportunity to get to know (future) graduates through partnering on dissertations, offering internships and/or participating in career fairs to recruit future employees and managers through direct contact.

Trier University’s Career Service sees itself as an interface between students, companies and university departments, answering questions and addressing possible hurdles that can arise in the context of career orientation and career preparation. Our services prepare students for the transition into the working world at an early stage, provide orientation and offer new perspectives. In the network of regional and international employers, alumni of Trier University, departments and external partners, we support students and graduates of the university in their entry into their professional future.

Career Service


Career Service
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