Mentoring Modules

General notes

There are specific mandatory events that all mentees must attend. Final certificates will be issued only to those students who have proof of their regular attendance. In the event that a mentee is unable to attend an event, they are obligated to inform their mentor or the project coordinators.

Module I | Programme framework

The Career Orientation Mentoring Initiative for International Studentsprogramme framework consists of:

  • a kick-off event at the beginning of the semester
  • two Info Café events
  • a final wrap-up event at the end of the semester

The kick-off and final wrap-upevents are mandatory for the mentees. Of course, all mentors are also welcome to attend these events.

The kick-off event at the beginning of each mentoring phase is organised by the project coordinators. Attendance is mandatory for all programme participants, both mentees and mentors. Its aim is to provide a brief introduction and overview of the goals for the project as well as provide an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other better as a group. The event provides a first opportunity for informal exchange and usually takes place in the first weeks of the winter semester (beginning of November).

Mentees and mentors have the opportunity to participate in the Info Cafés, which take place twice per semester. Participation in the Info Café is optional for both the mentor and mentee. The purpose of the Info café is to facilitate an informal exchange between the participants (mentees and mentors) during the mentoring phase. It is about exchanging experiences and networking. Mentees and mentors can agree with the project coordinators to arrange the café dates around a specific theme and, for example, with the help of a short initial presentation at the beginning to introduce the topic. The project coordinators reserve the right to introduce specific topics if necessary.

The mandatory final wrap-up event is organised by the project coordinators and will take place at the end of the semester. The event serves to look back and take stock, providing the participants an opportunity for constructive feedback so that the mentoring initiative can continue to develop for future mentees and mentors. The project coordinators hope to receive feedback on the mentoring initiative and the experiences of the participants from the mentees and mentors within the framework of a small evaluation. This will provide mentees and mentors in future mentoring phase(s) in particular deeper insight into the initiative for career orientation of international students. The plan is to invite the next semester’s mentoring group to this event as way of providing them an initial look at the initiative. During this event, the certificates of completion earned by the current mentees will be awarded.

Module II | One on One Meetings

One on One meetings between mentee and mentor are mandatory (at least four during the mentoring phase), usually once a month.  The meetings are arranged between the mentee and mentor pair. Beyond the mandatory meetings, each pair is free to decide together how often meetings should take place and in what setting. The initiative for organising the meetings should come from the mentee. For this, the mentee must think about their own goals and needs in advance in order to be able to coordinate them with the expectations and ideas of the mentor. For the meetings, the project coordinators recommend that a mentoring agreement be drawn up jointly between the mentee and the mentor, which specifies, for example, what expectations each have for the mentoring, in what framework the meetings should take place, etc.

Module III: Study & Practice (elective within compulsory module)

The practice-oriented compulsory module consists of several elective events that are grouped together thematically. The mentees choose one of currently four possible electives. Further electives within the compulsory modules are planned for the coming semesters. At least one of the following modules must be taken for the final certificate. For specific dates, please see the calendar.

  • Career Planning (in English)
  • Study & Practice (in German)
    • Presentation: The "right" internship
    • Presentation: How to optimize the design of your application documents
    • Individual counselling: Application portfolio check
  •      Start ups (in German)
    • Presentation: Things to know for someone interested in setting up a business
    • at least two dates from the Future Lab Talks or two dates from the events offered by the Gründungsbüro or one date from the Future Lab Talks and one date from the events offered by the Gründungsbüro
  • Starting a career in the Greater Region (in German)
    • Seminar: Working in Luxembourg
    • Seminar: Applying internationally in the Greater Region
    • Optional: Application portfolio check | Week of the German-LUX border region

Module IV: Study & Practice (optional events)

These events offered by the Career Service and other cooperation partners are optional for participants to attend. 
Note: At the moment only Trier University of Applied Sciences offers courses in English.

For dates and details, please see the following links:

  • From the calendar of events offered by the Career Service (Trier University) | WiSe 2021/22 (optional), e.g..
    • Seminar: Career entry with disability, chronic and/or mental illness
    • Presentation: Career planning for political/social scientists
    • Presentation: Entering a career in the media / public relations
  • From the calendar of events offered by the Career Service (Trier University of Applied Sciences) | WiSe 2021/22 (optional), e.g.
    • Using social networks for your career
    • How to best present yourself
    • Career Planning - Defining Goals and Making Plans for a Successful Career
  • From the calendar of events offered by the Gründungsbüro (Trier University) and the SPIRIT project | WiSe 2021/22 (optional), e.g.
    • Things to know if you are interested in starting up a company
    • How to write a business plan
    • Start-up support in Rhineland-Palatinate
    • Future Lab