Changing your subject or degree programme

What is a change of subject (change of degree programme)?

  • You want to change your core subject or a major or minor subject. (Please note that for some Bachelor's degree programmes it is only possible to change to them in the winter semester).

  • You want to change your degree (B.A./Sc. ⇔ B.Ed. or B.A./Sc. ⇒ M.A./Sc.). See also the information on being dually enrolled in Bachelor's/Master's.

  • You want to add a third teaching subject (further teaching subject).

  • You want to add a second degree programme.

What are the deadlines apply?

The deadline for changing your subject/programme in an unrestricted admission programme is 30 September for the winter semester and 31 March for the summer semester.

Changing to a degree programme with restricted admissions

If you would like to change to a restricted admission degree programme, you must first apply by the application deadline for the programme via the Application Portal. If you are already enrolled at the university, please proceed as follows:

  1. log in to PORTA with your user ID, then add an application under “Studies offered”(Studienangebot) → “Admission” (Studienbewerbung).
  2. Applying for the first semester of a programme, registering on is also necessary.

A change of subject is only possible once the application is successful and you have been admitted to the programme.

What do I have to do to change my subject/programme?

Before changing your course of study, you must re-register for the coming semester (under your “old programme/subject”) before the Registrar’s Office can formalise the change.

You fill out the application for a change of degree programme, sign it and hand it in to the Registrar’s Office in Building V during opening hours or outside of opening hours the form can be dropped in the Registrar’s Office post box. In some cases, further documents may be required. Please note that the application can only be processed if all the required documents have been submitted.


Please note the following before changing your subject/degree programme

BAföG recipients should talk to their BAföG advisor when they are thinking about changing their subject/programme (!) and find out what consequences a change might have in terms of BAföG funding.

After changing your subject/degree programme

It makes sense to try to change your subject as early as possible in the semester, i.e. before the courses begin (and before the registration periods for the courses have ended). If this does not work and you can no longer enrol in the desired courses via PORTA because the enrolment phases have ended, you should contact the relevant lecturer in person/by e-mail and ask whether a place is still available in the course. If necessary, it is also advisable to talk to the relevant departmental academic advisor in order to get off to a good start in your new subject/programme.

Where to go if you have questions?

The Registrar's Office is responsible for changing your subject/programme.