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Your own flat, textbooks, clothes, food and eventually going out – studying isn’t cheap, even though there are no tuition fees. So how do all those students manage their financing? Do they all have rich parents? Or do they have a well-paid side job? There are many possibilities of financing your studies including some you might have never thought of. No matter how much money you and your parents earn: It is always a good idea to look into all options and get a consultation.

Are you an international student? There are other guidelinesfor you...

What does it cost to study?

What does it cost to study? | General information

How do I finance my studies?

Finance your studies | General information

Most students use different funding options to finance their studies. Find general information on different options here:

Parental support

According to the German Civil Code (§ 1601 BGB), parents are generally obliged to support their children of full age up to a professionally qualifying degree. Therefore parental support is the easiest and most used funding option by students. However, there are things to notice like obligations, child benefits etc.

Parental support [Source: Agentur für Arbeit - Studienwahl]

Child benefits [Source: Agentur für Arbeit]
Child benefits and tax allowances [Source: Bundesministerium für Justiz & Verbraucherschutz]

BAföG (= education advancement grants)

  • BAföG [Source: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung] - official homepage of the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG)
  • BAföG [Source: Agentur für Arbeit | Studienwahl] - summary provided by the Agentur für Arbeit
  • BAföG [Source: Deutsche Studierendenwerke] - summary provided by the Deutsche Studierendenwerke

BAföG is a government fund that – under certain conditions – offers financial support to Bachelor and Master students.

The BAföG office at Trier University is responsible for all matters in regard to BAföG.

BAföG – News
Current information about BAföG (-application) and application process.

BAföG application
How to apply for BAföG

BAföG- repeated application
How to extend your BAföG

From “Ablehnung”(= rejection) to “Zusatzleistungen”(= additional services)

BAföG in a nutshell
All about BAföG in five quick answers

Quick questions – quick answers


There are a variety of scholarships with diverse eligibility conditions. These conditions are not only determined by academic performance or social commitment, but also by other criteria. 

Information for students of Trier University on Foundations, "Deutschlandstipendium" and on scholarships to study or do an internship abroad.

More financing options