Application to English-taught Master Courses

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Here you can find all information about the application procedure if you want to apply for english-taught Master's courses at Trier University.
Information on the english-taught Master's courses can be found at

Application Process

Please apply directly to Trier University. Our application process is started online using the application portal PORTA.

  1. Register and apply online (please ensure you are aware of the deadlines)
  2. A checklist detailing which documents need to be sent to the University is provided at the end of the online process as pdf download, including the “Request of Enrolment” document. You will not need to upload any documents.
  3. Send the required documents as hard copies and the proof of payment of the evaluation fee to:

Universität Trier
54286 Trier  

Entrance requirements

Applicants need to send in their complete Application Documents (print outs) per post within the deadline. Then, at Trier University, the Admissions Office checks the following formal requirements:

  1. Master Entrance Qualification
  2. Proof of English language proficiency

You can find an overview of all documents and information that has to be handed in with the application in the Checklist Application ETMs.

For the check of the formal entrance requirements an evaluation fee of EUR 50 applies (only once per applicant and semester).

Costs: Trier University does not charge any tuition fees. Only an enrolment fee once you are accepted and a semester fee for each subsequent semester is charged. If you have previously completed a degree at the same level to which you now apply, this application might be subject to a second degree fee.

Please note: All documents have to arrive to Trier University before the end of the respective application period and complete, otherwise we will not evaluate them. This includes any school/University diploma/transcript of records (including an overall average grade). Any documents in original language other than German or English have to be officially translated into German or English. All certificates/diplomas/transcript of records have to be legally accredited. All documents will be evaluated for internal purposes only.

An official assessment of international education degrees is offered by KMK. If your school or university degree qualifies you to study at the Trier University can be checked in the  KMK Datapool anabin (German only).