Overview Application Documents English taught Master's course

An exact list of all documents you need to hand in can be printed out, when you have registered and handed in the application for the desired degree (online) and printed out (pdf) the application within the deadline in the application portal PORTA.

With this list out of PORTA, send all documents in paper and within deadline per post to Trier University.

This table provides an overview of necessary documents:

Application documentEnglish taught Master's courses

Request for Enrolment/Request for Application

Proof of payment of the Application Fee

Copy of Passport

CV (should show no gaps)

Form „Statement of previous Studies“

All previous degrees and studies need to be entered

Secondary School Graduation Certificate (HZB) (§)

Proof of English proficiency (§)

BA Certificate & Transcript of Records and/or Diploma Supplement (§)

Official document stating your current/final GPA of your university degree (§)

If cumulative GPA is not listed on your transcript of records

APS (§)

Only for applicants from China, Vietnam and India

Letter of Motivation

Depending on subject

Information on (§): These documents need to be legally accredited. If the original document is neither in German, nor in English, the document also has to be translated by an official translator and then both, the accredited copy of the original and the official translation has to be sent per post to Trier University.