What happens after you sent your application to Trier University?

For Applicants to an ETM degree

Check of applications

  • The Admissions Office checks if all required documents have been sent within the correct deadlines
    → Automated message sent via PORTA to applicant that application has been received
  • Admissions Office checks entrance qualifications/language requirements/application fee receipt
  • If required, Admissions Office forwards application to examination board
  • Examination Board sends application with decision back to Admissions Office

Admission granted (or not)

  • In case of refusal of admission: Admissions Office informs applicant via PORTA & official letter will follow
  • In case of acceptance: Admissions Office will send Email and/or letter to inform applicant about admission. Letter will allow student to apply for visa and also list documents needed to enrol. The letter/email will also include a list of documents/info Trier University needs in order to enrol you.


For enrolment, students need to provide the following by a fixed deadline (listed in admission email/letter):

Due to the Corona pandemic, we currently offer the possibility to start your studies online. If you only wish to enrol online we need:

Note that for exams personal attendance is mandatory! As soon as you enter Germany you will need to provide the proof of the mandatory health insurance. Your student ID card will only be issued once we receive the proof of your health insurance.

IMPORTANT: The deadline to hand in documents in order to enrol is fix. If you cannot provide all documents by this date you cannot be enrolled. We will not make any exceptions. Should you realize, after you receive the letter/email about admission acceptance, that you will not be able to meet this deadline, you should consider to re-apply for the next applicable term – for a non-EU Student for an English taught Master's course this would be the next winter semester.