Information on graduation documents

Apply for and receive your graduation certificate

Once you have successfully passed your last examination, contact your advisor in the Examination Office (HPA). They will then prepare your certificate and send it to the Dean and the chair of the examination board for signature. As soon as the signed certificate is returned to the Examination Office, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the next steps. We cannot give a general processing time, as many factors play a role, but we estimate a general processing time of approximately four to six weeks.

Final documents FAQ

Do I have to be enrolled to get my degree certificate?

You must remain enrolled until all coursework and examinations are complete, i.e. until the last examination has been taken or the last assignment/ term paper/portfolio has been submitted.

Will I be de-enrolled once I have received my certificate?

No. You are enrolled until the end of the semester, but cannot re-register. However, upon application you can choose to de-enrol after receiving your transcript → further information

Do I have to/can I re-register if I have already taken/submitted all the examinations and am only waiting for my grades and subsequent issue of the certificate?

Re-registration after all exams and coursework have been completed is not required, but permitted.

Which documents can I have certified at the Examination Office?

You can have all degree documents issued by the Examination Office of Trier University certified at the Examination Office. We do not certify documents from other institutions/universities. We do not certify Bachelor/Master of Education degree certificates! Please note that we must have the originals in order to certify them. In addition, the certifications must be paid for in advance at TUKAN. This receipt must also be presented.

How and in which cases can I apply for a duplicate of my Bachelor's/Master's degree certificate and transcript?

You can apply for a duplicate if you have irretrievably lost the original document or it has been destroyed. You will receive an application form from your advisor in the Examination Office, with which you confirm the loss or destruction of the original. The duplicate will be issued as soon as you have submitted the application and paid the fee of 60 € (as of 21.10.2022) plus postage, if applicable.

My school internship (VP) is the last piece of academic work and ends at the beginning of the next semester. Do I still have to be enrolled during this time?

Yes. The completion of the internship counts as an assessment and can only be completed if you are enrolled in the degree programme.

I am dually enrolled (Bachelor’s/Master’s) this semester. When do my examiners have to have the grades entered in PORTA so that I can continue studying in the Master's next semester?

 Information on the dual enrolment programme can be found → here

I am/was dually enrolled this semester and have now completed my Bachelor's degree. Do I have to give notice somewhere?

You can find all the information on the dual enrolment programme → here.

Further questions?

The staff of the Examination Office (HPA) will be happy to answer your questions by e-mail or telephone → contakt HPA