Application process

The application process is the same for all students regardless of disability or illness.

A prerequisite for admission is proof of the "Allgemeine Hochschulreife" (or other valid admission qualifications such as a special professional qualification). In the case of subjects with restricted admission, an application is also made via the standard admission procedure (

If you are planning to study at Trier University, please contact us as early as possible.

Semester Ticket - Reimbursement

Students with a „Schwerbehindertenausweis“ (German government issued disability card) with a BL or H in their ID can apply for exemption from the semester ticket (this is because they can take buses and trains for free if they have a "Wertmarke" with their Schwerbehindertenausweis). This is also applicatble to students from universities of applied sciences and universities who are enrolled at both universities and have therefore paid the semester ticket fee twice.

Please send a request for reimbursement (informal via letter or email) at the beginning of each semester with a copy of the relevant supporting documents as well as your account details and contact details to:

Studierendenwerk Trier, Universitätsring 12a, 54296 Trier. (Source/ Link)

Who helps where?

A disability or illness should not be a reason to be prevented from studying. Trier University will make every effort to support you in your studies and to make accomodations (where possible), for any disadvantages caused by disability or illness during your studies.

We provide you with the following important information (available in German only):

  1.     Special application hardship case (Sonderantrag Härtefall)
  2.     Accomodation request (Nachteilsausgleich)
  3.     Residence / living accomodations (Wohnen)
  4.     Learning aids and strategies (Lernhilfen- und Strategien)
  5.     Integration assistance – personnel and technical support (Hochschulhilfen/ Eingliederungshilfe)
  6.     Scholarships (Stipendien)
  7.     Mobility training for visually impaired students (Mobilitätstraining für sehbehinderte Studierende)
  8.     Study abroad (Auslandsstudium)
  9.     Accessibility at the university: library, parking, etc. (Barrierefreiheit an der Uni: Bibliothek, Parken, etc.)


The handbook  „Studieren mit Behinderung“ "Studying with a disability" is a good resource and can be downloaded here: Available in German only