Anna-Lena Bindges M.A.

Since the beginning of 2021 I have been working as a research associate in the projects „PARTNER - Strong Partnerships in Early Childhood Education and Care“ and „PIONEERED - Pioneering policies and practices tackling educational inequalities in Europe“. Primarily, I focus on the relationship between public and private as well as the reproduction of social inequality in ECEC.


During my time as a student of social pedagogy (Organisation of the Social), at the University of Trier, I developed my focus in the field of practice-analytical childhood research, among other things, by working in the research project PARTNER. In my ethnographic master’s thesis I wrote about the day care – family relationship as a negotiated order using the example of the lunch box which the children bring to day care. In my thesis I analyzed political documents and used participant observation. I finished my master’s degree in february 2021.


Areas of Research

childhood and family studies, ECEC

welfare, practice and dokument analysis

qualitative research, ethnography