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Dissertation and publication awards:

Dissertation award 2019, Title of the dissertation "On the road to seeing heterogeneity as an opportunity for patient-focused research", Dr. Anne-Katharina Deisenhofer read more

Dissertation award 2018, Title of the dissertation "Do we know what we think we know?-Transferability of findings from randomized controlled trials to routine care treatment settings", Dr. Felix Wucherpfennig

Dissertation award 2017, Title of the dissertation "Ecological Momentary Assessment applied in Patient-Focused Psychotherapy Research - Challenges and Changes", Dr. Kristin Husen read more

Publication award 2017, Title of the publication "Sudden gains in routine care cognitive behavioral therapy for despression: A replication with extensions", Dr. Felix Wucherpfennig

Dissertation award 2017, Title of the dissertation "Improving decision making in psychotherapy through typical patterns of treatment response", Dr. Julian Amadeus Rubel read more

Dissertation award 2014, Title of the dissertation "Die Verwendung von Mischverteilungsmodellen zur Optimierung wiederholter Erhebung in Patienten-orientierter Versorgungsforschung und psychotherapeutischer Praxis", Dr. Jan Rasmus Böhnke read more

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Faces and Minds of Psychological Science

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz was acknowledged by the Faces and Minds Website of the Association for Psychological Science (APS): "These distinguished researchers are leaders in the exciting field of psychological science. Using the latest methods and technologies, they have made enormous strides in exploring the complexities of human behavior in all of its forms, from the most basic brain research to applications in health, education, business, and social issues." read more