Luisa Knopf completed her Bachelor's and Master's degree (2015-2020) at the University of Trier. Through her bachelor's and master's thesis, as well as a job as a student assistant in the Department of Neurocognitive Psychology, she was involved in several research projects on episodic memory and neurocognitive aging processes.
In May 2022, she joined the Neuro-Cognitive Psychology research group at Trier University as a graduate research assistant in a DFG project on the influence of item encoding mechanisms on association memory in young and older adults.
Her research interests lie in episodic memory and its changes across the life span. In particular, she is interested in the factors that influence age-related neurological changes, which affect the memory of associations.
In her dissertation, she investigates possible factors that influence episodic memory, especially associative memory. Those factors include genetic dispositions, stress, familiarity with the stimulus material, and degradation of images as stimuli.