Biosketch Ricarda Endemann

Ricarda Endemann completed her Bachelors and Masters degree (2011-2017) at Saarland University. Through a research internship in the Experimental Neuropsychology Unit of Prof.Dr. Axel Mecklinger and her subsequent work as a student research assistant with Jun-Prof. Dr. Siri-Maria Kamp, she was involved in several research projects on episodic memory.

After completing her Masters degree, Ricarda started her training as a Psychotherapist, which she will complete in summer 2021.

In December 2020, Ricarda joined the team of the Neurokognitive Psychology Unit as a graduate research assistant in the DFG-project on the survival processing effect. Her research interests include episodic memory, its neural mechanisms and changes across the life span. In her dissertation she furthermore examines potential factors that may influence episodic encoding of items and associations across the life span.