Information for first-year students

Dear newcomers to the MSc Psychology programme,

We welcome you and look forward to accompanying you on your way into psychology in the coming years. We hope that your studies will be an enriching time for you, both in terms of content and personally. The aim of the degree programme is that at the end you will have the specialist knowledge, the competence to act and the attitudes that make professional psychologists.

Please register for the courses in the 1st semester of your degree programme. Unlike lectures, seminars are limited to a certain number of participants. Therefore, you register for lectures and seminars in different ways. In both cases, you need your ZIMK user ID and password, which you will receive from the university after accepting your place of study, so that you can log in online.

  • Registration for lectures: You can register for lectures via the online course catalogue PORTA. Log in with your user ID. If you start your studies in the winter semester, choose the courses that are listed in the study plan for the 1st semester: the lecture A1 Evaluation and Diagnostics, an associated A2 seminar, a FOV and a POV. If you start studying in the summer semester, choose the courses of the 2nd semester instead (and then catch up on the courses of the 1st semester in the following winter semester): The lecture B1 Multivariate Methods, an associated B2 seminar, a FOV and a POV.
  • Registration for seminars: In the third and fourth week before the start of the lecture period, you can enter your seminar preferences in the preference-based online seminar allocation system (PROZA). Read the instructions carefully so that you do not suffer any disadvantages when spots are allocated. Indicate in PROZA which seminars you would like to attend.
  • Check your emails regularly from the mail account you have from the university. This is the only way for lecturers to contact you if they want to send you information about your courses in advance. Also, only write to lecturers from this address (not from private mail addresses), because only then can we reliably find you in the computer systems for course administration and know who you are.

That is all you need to do to prepare for the courses for now. If you wish, you can take a look at additional background information on your studies on the pages and their sub-pages in preparation:

  • University information for first-year students,
  • Information on student life in Trier,
  • Information on the university's digital services,
  • Definitions of important terms in the world of higher education,
  • General aspects of studying psychology in Trier,
  • Information on the MSc Psychology programme in Trier,
  • Departments and lecturers who design your degree programme
  • Contact persons for further questions.

We wish you a good start and look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!

Your lecturers