Multiculturalism and Postcolonialism

This project examines the narrative representation of postcolonial identities and the British colonial past in postcolonial anglophone literatures. Its aim is to blend the practical textual analysis offered by narrative theory with the more theoretical concerns of multicultural and postcolonial studies by undertaking detailed textual investigation of narrative strategies in contemporary cultural contexts. The narratives under consideration are a range of texts taken from the genres of prose fiction, television, and the fiction film - from Africa (notably South Africa and Nigeria) and India as well as texts from the African and South Asian diasporas in Britain and Canada. The main aim of the investigation is to explore the innovative narrative strategies used to represent the cultural hybridities and layers of identity that have been created by colonialism and subsequent diasporic movement. A particular focus is on analyzing the cultural hierarchies constructed by colonialism and still embedded in contemporary cultural discourses.


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