Mapping Research on Taiwan: Workshop at Trier University October 04-07, 2022

TAP organizes the Workshop “Mapping Research on Taiwan” to bring together young scholars and researchers working on Taiwan to reflect on new trends in the study of Taiwan.

Most scholars working on Taiwan are attached to the Sinology departments and therefore share the interest in Chinese Culture and studies as they have a grounded knowledge or are experienced in conducting research in the People’s Republic of China. The TAP team seeks to discuss recent changes and the stand of Taiwan Research among China studies in Germany, Europe and beyond. For this, join our public hybrid session on October 6th, at 2 pm  (see below).

The rationale of the workshop pursues three large objectives: 

1) Networking among young and senior scholars committed to the study of Taiwan in order to build research collaborations; 

2) Discussing innovative methods and methodologies concerning the study of Taiwan (interdisciplinary, qualitative, quantitative, art-based, etc.) and;

3) Having a fruitful discussion about the establishment of a database we would like to have in the study of Taiwan – what is your vision?


In a very short time, we composed a workshop program for and with outstanding Young Scholars of the field. During the workshop “Mapping Research on Taiwan” we invite the public to discuss with us and Taiwan-Experts two timely and important topics!

Please come in presence or online and join in the debates on:

1) Conflict between China and Taiwan: Global Implications 

Johan Englund presents his findings of the study Isolating Taiwan Beyond the Strait: Chinese pressure tactics in four democracies, Sweden, (May 2022). Englund has delivered a detailed and pointed examination of Chinese influence on Taiwan's political isolation and the democratic counter-reactions in four cases, such as Sweden, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

Join the discussion with the author Johan Englund on Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 4pm - 6pm via ZOOM :

For participating in persona come to Room A8 at Trier University.


2) What is your stand on “Taiwan Studies vs. Taiwan Research in Sinology?"

It is a recurrent academic debate among scholars of the field whether the research focus on Taiwan should institutionalized as a subject of its own or continue to be included within the curriculum of the discipline of Sinology. In Germany, the discipline is mainly based on philology and therefore linked to the study of the Chinese language. However, there are also arguments made by international scholars to reconsider this origin and favor the strengthening of a discipline of its own.

Join our discussion round with Prof. Christopher Achen, Prof. Christian Soffel, Dr. Hung-yi Chien, Dr. Chun-yi Lee and Dr. Simona Grano on this topic on Thursday, 6 October 2022, 2pm - 4pm via ZOOM:

For participating in persona come to Room A8 at Trier University.

For further reading on the topic, see: 

Chien, Hung-yi, Josie-Marie Perkuhn. „Shared but particular“. Taiwan Insight, April 2022.

Wang, T.Y., H. Achen. „A dialogue about situating Taiwan Research within Academia“. Taiwan Insight, April 2022.

Chien, Hung-yi. "A further response to sinology’s involvement in Taiwan Studies". Taiwan Insight, May 2022.


A preliminary program of the workshop can be found in this PDF.


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