Travel grant application 2023

Trier University is awarding three travel grants as part of the collaborative research project "TAP -
Taiwan as a Pioneer" in 2023.

The focus is on Taiwan-related research projects. Postdocs, doctoral students, and outstanding
master's and bachelor's students from all programs and departments who wish to write an
independent research project (or thesis) with a thematic focus on Taiwan are eligible to apply. The
trip should be started and completed within this calendar year and should last at least eight weeks.
The scholarship holder will submit a written report on the progress of the research supported by the
scholarship at the end. The results of the research activity should be made available to the public, if
possible, and presented at TAP on the website and in the network.

Click here for further information. Please read the form carefully and submit all required documents completed and on time. Application for the scholarship is possible until April 11th, 2023.

Key information:

One-time grant amount:             Max. 4.000 Euro

Target groups:                            Doctoral students, Postdocs, Bachelor- and Master students of all courses and                                                        departments

Period of stay:                            From June 2023  (until Dec. 2023)

Duration of stay:                        Min. 8 weeks

Application deadline:                11.April 2023

Your application for a travel scholarship must include the following documents:

  • Cover letter stating your motivation

  • Project outline of the independent research project with explanations of the project, travel destination, travel duration as well as expected research results

  • Tabular curriculum vitae (max. two pages)

  • For BA and MA a complete performance overview of the previous studies (ToR, extract) is sufficient as well as a current certificate of enrollment

  • For doctoral students and postdocs, proof of the last academic degree and, if available, a current certificate of enrollment

  • Preliminary cost breakdown

 There is no legal entitlement to funding.