Computational linguistics is one of the most influential fields in digitalisation, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to deep learning techniques, it has technologically been one of the fastest developing fields in recent years. On the labour market, experts in this field belong to a highly sought-after group.

Computational linguistics offers degree programmes in text and media analysis, which focus on informatic methods from the field of artificial intelligence for the representation, analysis and generation of media-mediated language:

Beginning in the winter term 2020, there is the Bachelor of Science degree programme "Language, Technology, Media" (STeM) with a focus on "Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics" (KICL).


Starting in the winter term 2021, there is the Master of Science degree programme "Natural Language Processing".


All study programmes in Computational Linguistics impart central theoretical foundations and problem-solving as well as methodological competence in addition to well-founded subject-specific knowledge. Methodological competence includes computer-based technologies for the digital representation and automated evaluation of media-mediated language  in particular, as well as the algorithmic generation of new content. The students' ability to reflect on the use of such methods is also promoted.