FAQ for students

  • Where is the institute for computational linguistics?
    The institute is in the B-building (yellow) in Campus I on the 3rd Floor.
  • Where is the PC-Pool?
    The PC-Pool is in the B-building (yellow) in Campus I on the 3rd Floor right across the elevator in room B329.
    There are ten PCs available.
  • How can I switch from another Master's program to the Master's program of NLP?
    If the requirements are met, you can arrange an appointment with the student council (Dr. Sven Naumann).
  • I want to do an internship:
    For this Master's program it is not necessary to do an internship. However, if you are interested, an appointment with the Admissions Office can help.
    To get the internship accredited as an achievement, it needs to be approved by a professor that the internship is relevant for the Master's program. Here you can find the necessary forms.
  • How can I contact the student council?
    Here is the page of the student council.
    Also, there is a Discord channel where you can ask questions. Or you can write an email at: codipho@uni-trier.de
  • Which examination regulations are relevant for me?
    There are general examination regulations. Additionally, there are specific examination regulations for NLP.
  • How do I apply for courses?
    To sign up for courses, you have to sign in to Porta. First, click on "My Studies" and after that on "Exam- and course enrollment (Planner Of Studies)". Then choose the semester you want enroll in courses. Now, you see a list of courses which you can apply for.
  • Are there other portals I need to know about?
    Some course materials are shared via studIP.
    Also, there is the moodle portal of the University Trier.
  • I am interested in studying abroad. Where can I get some information about that?
    The Interational Office provides information regarding studying abroad.
  • Can I use chatGPT? How do i cite AI tools?
    The University Trier provides information on this website.
  • For exam related questions, there is the Examination Office.
  • For general questions regarding the study at the University Trier, there is the Student Counselling Centre.