Workshop for Students

Deciphering and Understanding Ancient Cultures

From the 20 to 22 May 2022 the departments of Egyptology, Classics and Papyrology, represented by Martina Minas-Nerpel, Diego De Brasi and Patrick Reinard, will be offering a workshop for senior classes. The the topic ʼDeciphering and Understanding Ancient Culturesʽ will provide the students with a closer look at the different methods of operation, as they are exercised in the former mentioned ZAT departments (Zentrum für Altertumswissenschaften Trier – Centre for Classical and Ancient Studies Trier) to research topics regarding the ancient times. The presenters will illuminate diverse topics by giving short talks, such as the everyday life at the ancient Nile as it is provided by papyri, the Rosetta Stone and the decifering of the hieroglyphs or Herodotus´ Greek view on Egypts everyday life and culture. All topics in question are reframed by Greco Roman Egypt. All speeches as well as other contents of the workshop are centered around the methodological approaches of the classical and ancient studies and try to capture antiquity along with its versatile facets in a direct and haptic way. The spreeches are accompanied by changing phases of group work, learning at different stations and tours to various sights.

For more information or questions feel free to contact any of the organisers. A detailed program of the workshop will be provided shorty.


Prof. Dr. Martina Minas-Nerpel (Ägyptologie;

JProf. Dr. Diego De Brasi (Klassische Philologie;

JProf. Dr. Patrick Reinard (Papyrologie;