David Teiner, M.A.

Research Foci 

United Nations and African Union Peace Operations | Governance and Legitimacy Politics of Violent Non-State Actors | Critical Security Studies | Extremism and Political Violence


David Teiner joined the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy as a research assistant in April 2022. In his doctoral thesis, he investigates the autonomy and self-invention of Special Representatives of the Secretary-General (SRSG) as heads of UN stabilization missions. In this regard, he examines the approaches they have taken to extend state authority and engage in sub-national diplomacy with violent non-state actors. Since 2022, David Teiner has also been an Associated Researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict Research (INTERACT) at Freie Universität Berlin. From 2020 to 2023, he served as Assistant Editor for Information Resources of the journal Perspectives on Terrorism, where he regularly published bibliographies in the context of terrorism and conflict studies. From 2020 to 2022, David Teiner was a teaching assistant and research assistant in the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy. In 2021, he completed his master's degree in Political Science and Sociology with a thesis on the Islamic State's rebel governance in Iraq and Syria.

Recent publications

Cover Zeitschrift Modern Africa

Teiner, David (2022): Fisher, Jonathan and Wilén, Nina. 2022. African Peacekeeping. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 242 pp. In: Modern Africa: Politics, History, and Society10(2), 125-129 [Book Review]


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Tinnes, Judith; Teiner, David; Engel, Darius (2022): Bibliography: AccelerationismPerspectives on Terrorism16(2), 123-156.

Cover Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft

Teiner, David (2022): Rebel Governance: A Vibrant Field of Research. Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 32(3), S. 747-766.