David Teiner, M.A.

Research Interests

International Organizations | International Conflict Interventions | Governance and Legitimacy Politics of Violent Actors | Extremism and Political Violence


David Teiner joined the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy as a research assistant in April 2022. Simultaneously, he is conducting research for his doctoral thesis on contemporary conflict interventions by international organizations. The focus of his work is on their military and diplomatic interactions with various violent non-state actors. Furthermore, his work focuses on implementation difficulties in extending state authority and ethical controversies that arise from it. David Teiner also serves as Assistant Editor for Information Resources of the journal Perspectives on Terrorism, where he regularly publishes bibliographies related to the field of conflict studies. Previously, David Teiner served as a teaching assistant at the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy. In 2021, he completed his master‘s degree in Political Science and Sociology with a thesis on the Islamic State’s governance in Iraq and Syria.

Recent publications

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Teiner, David (2022): Bibliography: The Conflict in Yemen. Perspectives on Terrorism, 16(3), 117-142.


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Teiner, David (2022): Bibliography: The Conflict in Libya. Perspectives on Terrorism, 16(1), 105-144.


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Teiner, David; Furlan, Marta; Lokmanoglu, Ayse D.; McDonald, Brody (2021): Bibliography: Rebel Governance. Perspectives on Terrorism, 15(5), 145-165.