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Welcome to the research and teaching unit for Empirical Democracy Research in Trier!

The research and teaching activities of the Chair in Empirical Democracy Research focus on the theory-based empirical analysis of democratic systems, structures and processes as well as the behavior and expectations of different actors in a comparative perspective. Empirical research is always linked to socially relevant and normative theoretical discourses on democracy. The empirical work reflects a broad methodological portfolio of different (especially quantitative) methods, including text-analytical procedures, surveys and experimental studies. The junior professorship is an essential component of the Trierer Institut für Demokratie- und Parteienforschung (TIDuP).


Trierer Institut für Demokratie- und Parteienforschung (TIDuP)

TIDuP's purpose is to bring research to the public, thereby communicating university discussions and results to society (knowledge transfer), as well as to accompany social developments through university research (topical research). In its self-image, the institute wants to act as an interface between science and the public. Accordingly, events on current topics are presented and current political events are accompanied by research. Regular debates and lectures on current political topics either on site in Trier or in the representation of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Berlin are at the forefront of the Institute's activities. The institute wants to critically accompany the central developments of democracies and political parties in a public-spirited way and act as a starting point as well as a companion of discourses. [more]