International Students

Within ERASMUS, the faculty of Political Science at the University of Trier has established a longstanding tradition of enabling students from the whole of Europe to take part in the studies at Trier. To make the stay and studies as convenient and enriching as possible, we follow the philosophy to exhaust all possibilities to share not only insights in the general studies of Political Science, but especially to focus on putting international students in contact with the political system of Germany as well as with the European Union examined from different theoretical perspectives.

The faculty therefore offers a specially designed ERASMUS module with different contents in winter term that is worth 10 ECTS. In this module, the international students are integrated in courses that German students also participate in, but are beyond that supported through a tutorial that is specially tailored to their needs. It transfers not only content on the political system of the FRG in an internationally comparing way but also provides support with oral and written exams as well as with seminar papers. The international students can self-evidently take all further courses offered by the faculty according to their study focus and interest.

Being very aware of the difficulties coming up with a long stay abroad, the ERASMUS coordination (eraspolsuni-trierde) of Political Science is glad to give all the support needed.