FAQ Outgoing

Report Experience

Are there any experience reports concerning the partner university?
Yes, at this link.

Application procedure

Who can apply for the Mest-Programm?
All Students of Master BWL, VWL and Sociology (area of studies 4).

When do I have to apply?
The Application Deadline is 15th April, 2019.

Which partner universities are offered and how can I find further information?
A schedule of all partner universities can be found at the page “Partnerunis”, or among respective links concerning the University-Homepage.

At what time am I going abroad after having successfully applied?
It depends on the respective Partner University and their academic calendar. E.g. normally MEST-Candidates of the University College Dublin spend time there between January and May.

For how long may I stay abroad?
You are going for one semester or one trimester. The precise duration depends on the respective partner university.

Which language skills are demanded?
You need a language certificate for your application form. Further, the University Amsterdam needs a current TOEFL-Test (ibT: 88 Points); alternative: Cambridge English or IELTS.

How does the application procedure work and which documents do I need?
For the application you necessarily need a Curriculum Vitae, an application form, a PORTA-Printout as well as a detailed schedule of all attended courses. Further, an additional performance is required (normally a short essay which focusses the MEST-Programm). To get closer information take a look at “Application”.

Organizational matters

Which opportunities for accommodation do I have?
Generally you are responsible for your accommodation by yourself. However, depending on which University it might be possible to receive respective information or offers and e.g. to obtain a room in a residential home.

Should I conclude an additional international health insurance?
Basically it is recommended to conclude an additional international health insurance. Ask your health insurance whether your current insurance covers to the same extent the rest of Europe as it does nationally. If it does so, ask for the duration.

Do I have a contact person abroad?
Yes, you have. Further details can be obtained after the assurance of application.

What do I have to bring from abroad?
Basically we require an official certificate of marks. Moreover, you need within the scope of the Erasmus-Scholarship further documents, as the signed learning agreement. For this purpose contact the international office.

Financial matters

Are there a scholarship for MEST?
For MEST-Students there is the opportunity get Erasmus support during the time being abroad.

How large is the Erasmus-Scholarship? The amount of the respective scholarship depends on the region and the fluctuation of the country. We are not able to reveal the precise amount of scholarship. However, further details can be found on the homepage of DAAD.Do I receive BAFÖG continuously, while being abroad with MEST?It is basically possible to receive continuously BAFÖG. For further details please contact your respective BAFÖG-Advisor.

Course Arrangement

When do I have to decide for courses abroad?
The arrangement of courses takes place prior the admission of your stay abroad, to ensure that goals of courses are in line with those form the MEST-Program. Further, the choice of courses in the form of the learning agreement is a requirement for getting the Erasmus-Scholarship

May I attend courses outside my subject area?
Basically you may attend courses outside your subject area. Please consider to attend all needed courses for the MEST-Program prior you decide for further non-subject courses. Regarding this issue you should urgently consult us.

How does the course arrangement happen?
Please complete the respective acknowledgement form and submit it to us. After that, we are going to decide if either alterations or consultation with you is necessary.


May my courses abroad be recognized by Trier University for the Master Course?
Basically yes, if courses/ modules are similar. In any case it is recommended to consult us regarding to this topic.