Current Research activities

Research activities


New edition of Max Weber's "Authority Types"
reclam Universalbibliothek

2018-20New edition of "Sociological Categories" by Max Weber
reclam Univeralbibliothek

research cooperation

2018with Giacomo Bazzani, University of Firenze
"community based money" (EU project)

Conference and session organization


Economic sociology
RN 9, 14th ESA conference in Manchester


Sociology of money
Session RN 9 Economic Sociology, Midterm conference Constanze


Alternative economic forms
Session RN 9 Economic Sociology, ESA conference in Athens

Research projects

in review        

Reputation and social commitment in markets for sustainable products,
Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, Forschungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben

in review

New organizational forms of crowdworking, Research cluster
Digitalisation of work

in progress

The social construction of markets by social mechanisms
An empirial analyses of coordination regims (DFG)

in progress

Research Group „Social science views on modern economies“