Research Papers in Economics

2024AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 08/24Mehrzad B. Baktash / John S. Heywood / Uwe JirjahnVariable Pay and Work Hours: Does Performance Pay Reduce the Gender Time Gap? 
No. 07/24Jerg Gutmann / Matthias Neuenkirch / Florian NeumeierPolitical Economy of International Sanctions 
No. 06/24Uwe JirjahnGibt es eine demokratische Dividende betrieblicher Mitbestimmung?Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht
No. 05/24Berenice Anne Neumann / Niklas ScheuerThe Impact of Bequest Taxation on Wealth Inequality - Theory and Evidence 
No. 04/24Arina WischnewskyNearly Cashless: Digital Transformation or Cultural Transmission? 
No. 03/24Uwe JirjahnCorporate Globalization and Worker Representation 
No. 02/24Ludwig von AuerInflation Measurement in the Presence of Stockpiling and Smoothing of ConsumptionReview of Income and Wealth
No. 01/24Tobias Kranz / Hamza Bennani / Matthias NeuenkirchMonetary Policy and Climate Change: Challenges and the Role of Major Central BanksEncyclopedia of Monetary Policy, Financial Markets and Banking