Research Papers in Economics

2010AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 8/10 Emily Blanchard / Xenia MatschkeU.S. Multinationals and Preferential Market AccessReview of Economics and Statistics
No. 7/10 Ludwig von Auer / Andreas KaluscheSteuerliche Spendenanreize: Ein ReformvorschlagJahrbuch für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
No. 6/10 Uwe Jirjahn / Jens Mohrenweiser / Uschi Backes-GellnerWorks Councils and Learning: On the Dynamic Dimension of CodeterminationKyklos
No. 5/10 Ludwig von AuerDrobisch´s Legacy to Price StatisticsJahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik
No. 4/10 Thomas Cornelissen / John S. Heywood / Uwe JirjahnProfit Sharing and Reciprocity: Theory and Survey Evidence
No. 3/10 Ludwig von Auer / Mark TredeThe Dynamics of Brand Equity: A Hedonic Regression Approach to the Laser Printer MarketJournal of the Operational Research Society
No. 2/10 Thomas Cornelissen / Uwe JirjahnSeptember 11th and the Earnings of Muslims in Germany – The Moderating Role of Education and Firm SizeJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization
No. 1/10 Uwe JirjahnNonunion Worker Representation an the Closure of Establishments: German Evidence on the Role of Moderating FactorsEconomic and Industrial Democracy


Matthias Neuenkirch