Research Papers in Economics

2014AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 16/14Hamza Bennani / Matthias NeuenkirchThe (Home) Bias of European Central Bankers: New Evidence Based on SpeechesApplied Economics
No. 15/14Burcu ErdoganThe Role of Uncertainty Avoidance in Foreign Investment Bias 
No. 14/14Charlotte Articus / Jan Pablo BurgardA Finite Mixture Fay Herriot‐type model for estimating regional rental prices in Germany 
No. 13/14Uwe JirjahnWorks Councils and Collective Bargaining in Germany: A Simple but Crucial Theoretical Extension 
No. 12/14Normann LorenzThe interaction of direct and indirect risk selectionJournal of Health Economics
No. 11/14Normann LorenzUsing quantile regression for optimal risk adjustmentHealth Economics
No. 10/14Matthias Opfinger‘United in Diversity’—Does Social Diversity Increase Subjective Well-Being? 
No. 09/14Verena Dill / Uwe JirjahnForeign Owners and Perceived Job Insecurity in Germany: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data 
No. 08/14Matthias Neuenkirch / Florian NeumeierThe Impact of UN and US Economic Sanctions on GDP GrowthEuropean Journal of Political Economy
No. 07/14Bernd Hayo / Matthias NeuenkirchSelf-Monitoring or Reliance on Newswire Services: How Do Financial Market Participants Process Central Bank News?Journal of Banking and Finance
No. 06/14Christian Bauer / Philip ErnstbergerThe Dynamics of Currency Crises—Results from Intertemporal Optimization and Viscosity Solutions 
No. 05/14Ludwig von Auer / Mark TredeMarkets with Technological Progress: Pricing, Quality, and NoveltyJournal of Economics
No. 04/14Per G. Fredriksson / Xenia MatschkeTrade Liberalization and Environmental Taxation in Federal SystemsScandinavian Journal of Economics
No. 03/14Matthias Neuenkirch / Pierre L. SiklosWhen is Lift-off? Evaluating Forward Guidance from the ShadowOpen Economies Review
No. 02/14Normann LorenzAdverse selection and heterogeneity of demand responsiveness 
No. 01/14Bernd Hayo / Matthias NeuenkirchCentral Bank Communication in the Financial Crisis: Evidence from a Survey of Financial Market ParticipantsJournal of International Money and Finance


Matthias Neuenkirch