Research Papers in Economics

2017AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 10/17Hamza Bennani / Tobias Kranz / Matthias NeuenkirchDisagreement Between the FOMC and the Fed’s Staff: New Insights Based on a Counterfactual Interest RateJournal of Macroeconomics
No. 09/17Uwe JirjahnForeign Ownership and Intra‐Firm Union Density in Germany 
No. 08/17Uwe Jirjahn / Stephen C. SmithNonunion Employee Representation: Theory and the German Experience with Mandated Works Councils 
No. 07/17John S. Heywood / Uwe Jirjahn / Annika PfisterProduct Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany 
No. 06/17Jerg Gutmann / Matthias Neuenkirch / Florian NeumeierSanctioned to Death? The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Life Expectancy and its Gender GapJournal of Development Studies
No. 05/17Uwe JirjahnGlobalisierung und betriebliche Mitbestimmung 
No. 04/17Gregor Dorfleitner / Lars Hornuf / Martina WeberDynamics of Investor Communication in Equity Crowdfunding 
No. 03/17David‐Jan Jansen / Matthias NeuenkirchNews Consumption, Political Preferences, and Accurate Views on InflationOxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
No. 02/17Matthias Neuenkirch / Matthias NöckelThe Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro AreaJournal of Banking and Finance
No. 01/17Lars Hornuf / Marc Oliver RiegerCan Television Reduce Xenophobia? The Case of East Germany