Research Papers in Economics

2019AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 16/19Patricia Dörr / Jan Pablo BurgardData-Driven Transformations and Survey-Weighting for Linear Mixed Models 
No. 15/19Jan Pablo Burgard / Simon SchmausSensitivity Analysis for Dynamic Microsimulation Models 
No. 14/19Jan Pablo Burgard / Domingo Morales / Anna‐Lena WölwerArea‐Level Small Area Estimation with Missing Values 
No. 13/19Ludwig von Auer / Jochen WengenrothConsistent Aggregation With Superlative and Other Price IndicesJournal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A
No. 12/19Jan Pablo Burgard / Joscha Krause / Simon SchmausEstimation of Regional Transition Probabilities for Spatial Dynamic Microsimulations from Survey Data Lacking in Regional Detail 
No. 11/19Farid Zulfigarov / Matthias NeuenkirchAzerbaijan and its Oil Resources: Curse or Blessing?Economic Systems
No. 10/19Jan Pablo Burgard / Ralf Münnich / Martin RuppA Generalized Calibration Approach Ensuring Coherent Estimates with Small Area Constraints 
No. 09/19Uwe Jirjahn / Jens MohrenweiserWorks Councils and Organizational Gender Policies in Germany 
No. 08/19Arina Wischnewsky / David‐Jan Jansen / Matthias NeuenkirchFinancial Stability and the Fed: Evidence from Congressional HearingsEconomic Inquiry
No. 07/19Ludwig von Auer / Tu Anh PhamOptimal Destabilization of CartelsJournal of Regulatory Economics
No. 06/19Uwe Jirjahn / Cornelia StruewingOut‐of‐Partnership Births in East and West Germany 
No. 05/19Jan Pablo Burgard / Joscha Krause / Ralf MünnichSmall Area Models for the Combination of Unit- and Area-level Data 
No. 04/19Jan Pablo Burgard / Joscha Krause / Dennis KreberRegularized Area-level Modelling for Robust Small Area Estimation in the Presence of Unknown Covariate Measurement Errors 
No. 03/19Sebastian Weinand / Ludwig von AuerAnatomy of Regional Price Differentials: Evidence From Micro Price DataSpatial Economic Analysis
No. 02/19Uwe Jirjahn / Jens Mohrenweiser / Stephen C. SmithWorks Councils and Workplace Health Promotion in Germany 
No. 01/19Cornelia Chadi / Uwe JirjahnDoes Society Influence the Gender Gap in Risk Attitudes? Evidence from East and West Germany