Centers and Peripheries in the History of Law

The general theme of the 42nd German Legal History Conference is "Centers and Peripheries in the History of Law".

The chioice of the general theme is motivated both by the history of the city of Trier and by important developments in current law as well as in more remote epochs of legal history.

The city of Trier has - at various times - found itself at the center or at the periphery of generla and legal history. In the late Roman period, it was one of the imperial residences. Today, Trier is far away from Germany's political center (but close to the European capitals Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg). As this example indicates, it is often a question of perspective whether a given position is seen as central or as located in the periphery.

In legal history, centers and peripheries and conflicts between the two have often been important factors. The sessions of the conference explore different aspects of the antagonims between center and periphery, capital and province:

Session 1: Urban Law - Ancient Metropoles

Session 2: Advances of Legal Science in Marxism and Real Socialism

Session 3: Right of Citizenship and the Legal Status of Aliens. Law as a means of integration and dissociation

Session 4: Legal Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe

Session 5: Universalism and Particularism in Early Modern Church Law

Session 6: Law of the Land and Law of the People