Remote Sensing of New Zealand Forests

We are working on several projects in Cooperation with the New Zealand Forest Research Institute Scion.

  • Monitoring herbicide damage in wilding conifers
  • Measuring nutrient deficiencies in radiata pines
  • Water stress in radiata pines
  • Transforming Tree Phenotyping


H. Buddenbaum, M.S. Watt, E.M.C. Leonardo, H.J. Estarija, H.E. Bown, M. Gomez-Gallego, R.J.L. Hartley, G.D. Pearse, P. Massam, L. Wright & P.J. Zarco-Tejada: Estimating nutrient deficiencies and their effect on photosynthesis in radiata pine using field-scale hyperspectral imagery. DGPF Jahrestagung 2021, 10-12 March 2021, online. DOI (Oral Presentation)

M.S. Watt, E.M.C. Leonardo, H.J.C. Estarija, P. Massam, D. de Silva, R. O'Neill, D. Lane, R. McDougal, H. Buddenbaum & P.J. Zarco-Tejada (2021): Long-term effects of water stress on hyperspectral remote sensing indicators in young radiata pine. Forest Ecology and Management, 502, 119707. DOI

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M.S. Watt, H. Buddenbaum, E.M.C. Leonardo, H.J. Estarija, H.E. Bown, M. Gomez-Gallego, R.J.L. Hartley, G.D. Pearse, P. Massam, L. Wright & P.J. Zarco-Tejada (2020): Monitoring biochemical limitations to photosynthesis in N and P-limited radiata pine using plant functional traits quantified from hyperspectral imagery.  Remote Sensing of Environment, 248, 112003. DOI

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