Sustainable Regional and Urban Development

Welcome to the Website of the Sustainable regional and urban development group at Trier University!

Together with international collaborators and doctoral students, we are working on a number of projects and topics in the following broad areas: 

  1. Sustainable and alternative climate change strategies at the urban and regional scale in respect to green economies (e.g. green building, circular economy, alternative and postgrowth economies), environmental governance, sustainable urban development and planning, climate justice and politics;
  2. Environmental activism and (resource) conflicts in particular in respect to the forest sector (Canada, Australia), spatial dimensions of environmental activism;
  3. Theoretical work and contributions in environmental economic geography, policy mobility, social practice theory, political economy and governance studies (e.g. rescaling);
  4. Sustainability education and pedagogy of geography in higher education with a focus on innovative teaching approaches as well as (social) science education.

Find out more about specific projects and initiatives under 'research and projects'. Outputs are listed under 'publications'.