DFG-Projekt IKAPOS (Investigation of Katabatic winds and Polynyas during Summer) 2010-

The project IKAPOS focuses on the summertime katabatic wind system and the atmospheric boundary layer (abl) over the NOW Polynya in northwestern Greenland (Fig. 1). The study is based on measurements in the abl using the research aircraft POLAR 5 of Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI, Bremerhaven) (Fig. 2).

The main goals of the project are:

  1. Study of the forcing processes of the summertime katabatic wind system and the interaction processes between the glaciers and sea-ice in the coastal area of Greenland.

  2. Study of atmosphere/sea-ice/ocean exchange processes over the NOW Polynya.

  3. Validation of model simulations and parameterisations.


Field phase report

Fig. 1: Left: Map of Greenland with topography. The experimental area is indicated by a tetragon. Right: AMSR-E sea-ice concentration on 14 June 2010. Flight patterns are presented by red lines.
Fig. 2: Research aircraft POLAR 5 at Kangerlussuaq. Wind, temperature, and humidity sensors are marked.