Coronavirus: Impact on Trier University

Trier University will provide up to date information via  this website and answer important questions concerning the effects of the coronavirus on University operations.
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The mobile vaccination clinic is coming!

For more information on the mobile vaccination clinic please click here.

Corona test station at Trier University

Trier University is working very hard to set up a Corona test station free of charge for the following people:

  • Students and teaching staff of Trier University, who cannot be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 due to medical contraindications
  • Foreign students and foreign research staff, who have been vaccinated abroad using a vaccine that is not approved in the EU, until they are fully immunised and have started the process immediately.

More informationen will follow in due course.

Information regarding winter semester 2021/22

  • During the winter semester 2021/22 approximately 4 out of 5 lectures will be offered on-site and face-to-face, mainly exercises, pro-seminars, seminars, reading courses, experimental courses and laboratory courses. Lectures will mainly be held online.
  • Access to lectures and courses is granted to those who are vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 or can present a negative test (3G rule). Individuals who have not been vaccinated must present a rapid antigen test (valid 24 hours) or PCR test (valid 48 hours). Individuals who cannot be vaccinated for verifiable reasons may access a testing station that will be set up on campus (more information to follow). If proof is provided, these tests are free of charge. Individuals unable to provide proof will be referred to off-campus test stations (fees may apply).
  • Especially in the first weeks of the semester spot checks of the 3G status will be performed. Contact tracing will be in place for lectures and event organisers are encouraged to check the 3G status of students.
  • Facial masks must only be worn when seated, if the social distancing rules cannot be obtained. The maximum capacity of people is displayed in each room. If the limit is exceeded, facial masks become mandatory. Lecturers do not need to wear masks.
  • Written and oral exams can be performed on site.
  • All buildings at Trier University operate regular opening times. It is compulsory to wear a medical facial mask or a facial mask of KN95/N95 or FFP2 standard.
  • On weekdays the library will be open until midnight from October 25th.
  • The 3G-rule applies for the interior of Mensa Tarforst as well as the cafeteria in building A/B.
  • Unisport has re-opened its studio and classes have resumed.
  • For employees, the regulation of working hours, core hours and flexi time, as detailed in the work agreement, is effective since October 1st, 2021.

Further information can be found in the FAQ following and via the links below

Information for

FAQ - General questions

Where can I get help if I am concerned regarding the return to campus?

The programme „Beyond Covid“ offers students and employees who feel left alone a chance to talk to trained volunteers about concerns regarding the return to campus.


What should I do if I suspect to have been infected by coronavirus?

In case of a suspected infection please contact one of the institutions listed on the website of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Where can I get vaccinated?

General information regarding Corona vaccinations can be found on the website of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, including information regarding mobile vaccination clinics.

Where can I find Corona test stations in Trier?

The City of Trier's website has a list of Corona test stations (rapid tests and PCR tests).


Are events taking place at Trier University?

During the winter semester, most lectures will be held on site. Public events and the guest student programme are also taking place again. More information can be found on the web page of Campus der Generationen. Unfortunately, Kinder-Uni cannot take place in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.

Do I have to wear a facial mask on campus?

At Trier University it is compulsory to wear medical facial masks or facial masks of KN95/N95 or FFP2 standard inside buildings and rooms. However, the use of face masks does not apply in the following situations if the appropriate social distance is kept:

  • at the workplace/desk
  • when seated in a business meeting or conference
  • when seated or when speaking at a lectern at events
  • when seated during exams
  • when seated at a desk in the university library

Outdoors on campus it is only compulsory to wear medical facial masks or facial masks of KN95/N95 or FFP2 standard, when a group of people is gathering or when people aren't just passing.

Studiwerk sells suitable masks at vending machines and at self-service counter 2 (canteen Tarforst).

Wearing a mouth-nose covering helps to minimise the risk von infections and helps to protect each other and ourselves. Therefore, Trier University strongly recommends to comply with the wearing of face masks.

Are disinfection materials and/or masks provided?

The university does not provide disinfection material during the current corona pandemic. The observance of the rules of conduct and hygiene have been deemed sufficient (see above). A specific request for disinfection materials to be made available, must be made to Mr. Kasel (kaseluni-trierde), stating the reasons for this request (e.g. why the minimum distances cannot be observed, etc.). These requests will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Medical facial masks or facial masks of KN95/N95 or FFP2 need to be brought along when visiting the campus and need to be worn according to current regulations. Trier University does not provide facial masks. Trier University only supplies FFP2 masks to employees, whose job naturally requires them to undermine social distancing rules or if the employee’s tasks are associated with a higher output of aerosols. In these exceptional cases please contact Mr. Kasel via email.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions regarding the measures being taken or the current situation at Trier University that are not answered above, please contact coronauni-trierde. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding if there is a delay in responding. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

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