Information from the president of Trier University 31 March 2021

Dear students, staff and colleagues,

No matter where you find yourselves this Easter season: There are always interesting little things you may find along the way. On one of these days, for example, it was a worn-out hiking boot that - in the middle of nowhere - had been decorated with seasonal Easter twigs. Maybe that's not bad advice in this pandemic: to also look for things that have nothing to do with numbers and curves. The atmosphere and tone seem to also becoming harsher, after all. As a U.S. writer once put it, "If you don't read the paper, you are never a day behind."

We are now looking forward to the start of the third digital semester, albeit with less trepidation than a year ago. More than 600 students will begin their paths in this physically distanced format. We also find a point of connection to this from Goethe’s Faust - “An Easter Walk”.

“Growth and formation stir everywhere,
‘Twould fain with colours make all things bright,”

What is meant is the sun, which is beginning to spoil us once again, brings with it the desired regeneration and renewal. And as such, we hope that after Easter there should also be good news.

Now for the Easter riddle: Who is the author of the witty "newspaper" quote above and in which novel? The first three correct answers will each be rewarded with a book voucher. Good luck!


Wishing you a Happy Easter!
Michael Jäckel