University of Trier
FB VI - Physical Geography
Behringstraße / Campus II
54296 Trier

Prof. Dr. Johannes B. Ries
Senior professor

Prof. Dr. Markus Casper

N.N. (please contact Lioba Zang-Ameling)
Room F 114

Telefon: +49(0)651 / 201-4512
Telefax: +49(0)651 / 201-3976


The physical geography at  Trier University is situated in the 1st floor, building F of Campus II. This building also houses Human geography, Soil science, Chemistry, Remote sensing, Geobotany, Geology, Hydrology, Cartography and Climatology. It takes approx. 10  min to walk from the main Campus I to Campus II.

Here you will find a map to the  Universitätscampus II and an orientation within the  building...