Doctorate at Faculty IV of University Trier

According to the "Hochschulgesetz" (Higher Education Act), doctoral candidates have to register before starting their doctorate. Therefore, please fill in this form and let your mentor sign it. 

Then, please send the filled-in form, as well as your graduation certificate which qualifies you to do your doctorate, to the deanery.

General Terms

A doctorate confirms an exceptionally scientific performance, accomplished by the doctoral candidate and their ability to independently and thoroughly deal with scientific problems.

At faculty IV, you can obtain a doctorate for Dr. rer. pol., Dr. rer. nat. und Dr. phil..

The doctoral performance consists of a scientific thesis (dissertation) and an oral exam. 

The requirement for starting your doctorate usually is a graduation with honours on a German scientific University, or College in 

  • business science
  • social sciences
  • mathematics
  • computer science 
  • business informatics
  • further education in health management (MBA)

Or graduation which can be seen as equal to one of the above, from another, non-German University, or College.

The dissertation has to be an independent piece of work from the doctoral candidate and it has to be important for scientific, or economic progress. The subject has to be chosen from the range of subjects, covered by faculty IV.

For the writing of the dissertation, the doctoral candidate is supposed to be mentored by a doctor, or professor of faculty IV.

According to § 22 PromO 2020, doctoral candidates who have started their doctorate before March 12th, 2020, have the option to choose, whether their doctorate should be conducted as in the PromO 2004, or the PromO 2020.

Please attach the request for either to your request of doing a doctorate.