Business Informatics at Trier University

We prepare students for the future of management!

Together with you we hope to design and implement intelligent systems for managing the future. Our teaching and research aims to teach you the future of information technology and prepare for its management. Business informatics in Trier enjoys a long history which gives us experience in IT management you can profit from.

Business informatics at Trier University has been taught for more than 25 years and since 1988 there has been a degree programme, which first made it possible to graduate as a business data processing specialist and today with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The programme in Trier places equal emphasis on informatics, business administration and business informatics. Our programme provides comprehensive and hands-on training in all three areas. A central focus is on problem-solving competencies.

This focus is complemented by encouraging your interpersonal skills. Further aims of our programme are therefore mastery of speech and presentation skills, team work and understanding and influencing group dynamics.

This broad spectrum and the emphasis on hands-on learning will form the basis of a successful and satisfying career.

We hope this website will be able to interest you in business informatics in general and especially in business informatics in Trier, and wish you happy reading!