Welcome to the web page of the Human-Computer Interaction group at University of Trier!


The Human-Computer Interaction group (Professorship for practical Informatics) at the University of Trier is part of the Department IV – Computer Science. The group’s research focus lies on the development and scientifically investigation of virtual and augmented reality-based interactive systems with their application in everyday work context. The human user stands in the spotlight of the group’s interdisciplinary research work. Additionally, the group works on the use of formal methods for the engineering of interactive systems, which not only enables the formal description but also the formal validation of such systems.

The group does not only represent the topic of Human-Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality in research but also in teaching. Therefore, the group organizes various courses as part of the Bachelor and Master programs in the department and offers the opportunity to conduct Bachelor and Master Theses on HCI and VR/AR related topics. If you are interested, please contact us and browse this web page for more information. We would enjoy to get into contact with you and are looking forward to your visit at University of Trier! You find us on Campus II of University of Trier in building H, 4th floor.


Contact: Assistant Professor Benjamin Weyers