Teaching Concept and Course Program

The chair "Human-Computer Interaction" offers basic lectures (programming Ia + b) as well as subject-specific courses (Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality and 3D Interaction, special chapters of Human-Computer Interaction) for Bachelor and Master students of computer science, business informatics and the teaching degree in computer science. The course sequence shown in the figure above is a suggestion and not binding. It allows an insight into a thematically 'sensefull' sequence of the offered lectures and shows the semesters, in which the courses are taught (summer or winter semester).

In addition to lectures, study, research projects and seminars are also offered in the field of virtual and augmented reality as well as in the area of the development and investigation of interactive systems. We also offer bachelor and master theses on these subject areas at any time. You can find specific topics here. Feel free to contact us via email at any time.

Current Teaching Program